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Faux Painting

Faux Painting

The Velvet Feather Faux Painting Process

First, for this faux painting process you will need a list of supplies, so here they are:

A roll of painter’s plastic

painter’s tape

5-in-one tool used for removing old caulk to cleaning rollers

Latex primer

broad spackling knife

High or semi- gloss paint

flat paint

When you pick out your colors for your faux painting process you should pick the two colors from one family.  You could use two colors of beige/brown, green/light green, purple/mauve or any matching pair.  The darker color will be the high or semi-gloss paint and the lighter color, flat paint will be the feather application.

Next you will need to thoroughly clean the room in which you are about to attempt this faux painting project.

Step 1. of this faux painting process is cleaning the room.  Remove everything from towel rods to outlet covers.  If there is furniture that cannot be removed, you must cover it with a drop cloth in the center of the room.

Step 2. Of this faux painting process is to clean the room.  You must vacuum and mop the floor of the room.  Wipe down the woodwork and then cover the floor with plastic, a tarp, or a drop cloth, securing the edges with painter’s tape.

Step 3.of this faux painting process is to wash the walls.  This is undoubtedly is the most important step of all.  Use clean, warm, soapy water and make sure to change the water if it gets dirty looking.  Make sure the wall is thoroughly clean and free of dust and oily buildup.  .   The other walls in the room as well as any doors or windows should be wiped down as well as any ceiling fixtures and heating or cooling vents so there is no danger of getting dust into your paint as it is drying.

Step 4. of this faux painting process is to patch any nail holes, scratches, and small cracks.  If you cannot do this successfully by yourself you can look online or in the newspaper to hire someone to do the drywall repairs for you or you may look for a do-it-yourself book on drywall repairs.  Hiring someone to do it will assure that you have a very professional job. A smooth surface is a must.  Allow several hours for the spackle to dry and then sand it until everything is flush.

Step 5. of this faux painting process is to tape off the wall.  This will be done around woodwork, ceilings, windows, etc…

Step 6. of this faux painting process is to prime the wall. If you are covering a low-gloss latex paint you will only need to prime your spackle patches.  If your paint on the wall is high or semi-gloss or is a darker color you will need to prime the whole wall for best results.

Step 7. of this faux painting process is to paint the wall with high gloss paint in a darker color than the flat paint for the pattern.  Make sure the wall is covered completely with no thin spots where you can see through the paint even if you have to use two coats of paint.   Allow overnight for the paint to dry.

Step 8. of this faux painting process is to dip a feather into the lighter in color flat paint and lay it on the wall here and there until most of the wall is covered.  Put the feather facing different directions and apply it until you are satisfied with the look of it.  You may need several feathers to complete the job as the feathers will deteriate with use.  With the darker color showing through the wall will appear to have velvet feathers printed all over it.

I used a medium purple semi-gloss with a light mauve for the faux painting process of the feather overlay.  It was beautiful!  I took a lot of time looking things up and getting everything just right and it was well worth it.   I did my own drywall work but I did work in the industry for three years so if I had not had any experience working in the field I may have chosen to hire a company to do it for me to achieve optimal results.  Good luck with your project.


The Velvet Feather Faux Painting Process