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Intumescent Paint

Intumescent Paint – New Fire Retardant Paint

Master Painting is a Intumescent Paint specialist in Southeastern Michigan

Intumescent Paint can easily be utilized on a wide variety of substrates such as  fiberglass, sheet-rock, concrete, sheet metal,  wood, composite panels, foam,  interior woods, exterior woods, open cell foams, closed cell foams, and carbon graphite. Intumescent Paints have the ability to be used in walls and ceilings that do require to be rated with ASTM E-119, for one hr, two hr & three hr standards; room corner testing in compliance with UBC 26-3 / UBC 8-2 standard as well as thermal barrier testing methods. Intumescent Paint is a fire retardant paint that provides passive fire protection by slowing down the fire, which protects the materials it is covering. It slows down the fire by swelling to up to 50 times its thickness when heated. When the paint swells it forms a barrier of insulating carbonaceous char. The thicker the intumescent paint the longer the protection from the fire will be.  One coat of paint will give you a half hour to an one hour of protect, and a second coat will give you two hours of protection. This paint contains hydrates and when the hydrates are heated they release  water vapor, which cools the fire. The char that is left after the hydrate is spent acts a an thermal insulator between the fire, and the material the intumescent paint is applied to. Six millimeters of intumescent paint can swell to nearly an inch of black foam. The layer of black foam forms a protective layer from the fire. A regular painted wall can be turned into a fire fighting wall that will shield the wall from fire temperatures reaching 1500-1700° F. The foam suppresses smoke, retards fire spread, and postpones the ignition of coated walls. This a great benefit to persons inside, as it gives extra time to escape. There are benefits of the coated areas even after the fire has been stooped. The coated areas in many cases are still serviceable compared to walls that area not coated. The black foam can be scraped of the surface and the area repainted, which can safe a lot of repair costs.  The three major advantages of using the Intumescent Paint are occupant escape time is prolonged, property  destruction is delayed, restoration costs are minimized. If the paint on a surface can protect for up to a couple of hours this in many cases is long enough to prevent  ignition, and can stall a fire before it even gets rolling. Even if the product does not stop the fire from igniting it gets valuable time to get to safety, which is the most important thing in a fire, that everyone gets out safely.

Intumescent Paint can be used to provide a 2 hour fire rating to your steel members on a commercial project or Industry manufacturing plant or it can be used in your home to paint your house to give you peace of mind that your family will have extra time to get to safety in the event of a fire.

Intumescent Paint

Master Painting is on the cutting edge of the latest technologies available on the market today and that is why we are  your resource for Intumescent Paint in Southeastern Michigan.

Intumescent Paint can be used for

  • New Construction
  • Historic Restoration
  • Partitions
  • Fire Barrier Walls
  • Fast cost effective solutions


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